Some of the best 45 patents that Apple has registered this week -


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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Some of the best 45 patents that Apple has registered this week

Apple is a company that does not stop working in innovation and the patents it presents are proof of that. Recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a list of recent patents granted to the company led by the mysterious Tim Cook .

It is a total of 45 different patents related to the company's devices . Obviously we will not analyze all, but the most interesting. The iPad Pro and the iPhone X are the protagonists of this list.

The latest patents registered by Apple

As we say it is a very long list in which there are patents both software level and hardware . This is the most interesting thing we found.

IPad Pro Smart Keyboard

The first patent has to do with the keyboard of the iPad Pro. Specifically with the laser process of the fabric in the manufacture of the Smart Keyboard. This laser processing is done to improve the structure of the fabric during manufacturing . For example, the layers of the fabric can be modified during manufacture to adjust stiffness and other characteristics.

Liquid metal roll rolling
Liquid Metal is something that new information appears from time to time. It is a type of material that Apple has the patent and with which, in theory, incredible devices could be designed .

Now we have learned that Apple has been granted a patent that explains the machinery necessary to laminate and shape this type of metal . Your arrival to new devices may be close.

Design of the iPhone X camera
Apple tends to take great care of the design of their devices and for that reason patents some parts that they understand are important . We already know what this topic can give, that they ask Samsung .

In this case it is a patent that describes what the camera of the device looks like . But it focuses on its exterior design. In the image we can see in dashed lines the iPhone X, and in continuous lines the camera.

From the list of 45, these are the three most prominent patents that we find. We also have others like a travel keyboard, others related to the best lighting of the screens or a simpler way to share the location.

Via | Patently Apple

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