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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Spend the first weekend of June with these FREE app for iPhone and iPad

We are already in a month that without hesitation smells of summer, the holidays are approaching, time to disconnect a bit of all our routines and give a bit of free rein to everything that we want. They are good plans, which can be better if you download these applications and games that we propose to you today .

Our selection for this weekend will try to please the wide range of readers we have, but if one is not to your liking do not despair, every day we propose a new batch of them. And remember that while we do not say anything, all are valid for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . Because they go from having an economic cost to being totally free.

Dogfight Elite
A simulation game, you are at the controls of a combat aircraft in World War I and II. You can even handle a tank, the point is that it is very entertaining and your criticisms are excellent .

One of the wonders that the double lens provides is to apply the effect bockeh , or defocused. If your iPhone has a single lens you can get the same effect with this photo editing application .

A classic, it helps you to keep a tight control of income and expenses , so you can get the savings needed to carry out your wishes. Very well valued.

This app available only for iPad is capable of emulating a large number of legendary tube amplifiers. All the magic of classic and modern sounds right now on your device. If you play the guitar, you must have it yes or yes.

We finish with a puzzle game with 400 levels! The hours of fun are totally guaranteed, since you will have to continually challenge your mind to solve them. Will you be able to do it?

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