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Monday, 18 June 2018

Take advantage of the double lens of your iPhone with Focos, our app of the week

The arrival of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple's first dual lens device, has meant that many people love the photographic possibilities that this entails. And the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X have not done more than confirm these facts . And if the 2018 iPhone comes, as it seems, with a triple lens , the possibilities will end up multiplying.

The app that concerns us today may not be well known in the App Store, although it has thousands of downloads, but you should consider having it if you like to capture many shots with your iPhone in Portrait Mode . We are talking about the Spotlights application, developed by Xiaodong Wang and we will explain to you below.

Spotlights, a look

The application is designed for devices with double lens, and what it does is expand the customization possibilities of the Portrait or bokeh mode , the effect with which the background is blurred. When you install and open, or you can edit those photos in this type of capture or shoot and then edit.

The best part is that their menu is in Spanish and the options, which are many, are easy to apply and understand. For example, you can easily adjust the degree of blur and the results are usually quite good , as long as the lighting conditions in which the photo is taken are adequate.

The application is free and with this option you can access it, adjust the blur, and adjust the exposure or white balance. You also have the option of timer, location, level, grid activation ... That is, what you find in the native camera. For many people it may be enough. If you want to unlock Pro options, which are many, it costs € 10.99 forever , without subscriptions. Still, there are things that I do like, you can export the photos to JPEG, HEIC or TIFF.

The Pro version is a luxury, the price of the app does not seem excessive for everything it is capable of. For example, you choose between 15 different types of lenses , you can customize the front and back bokeh and its angle. Well used is a real pump and we think it complements very well everything you can do if you like Portrait Mode .

In short, try downloading the free version, which is probably worthwhile in itself.

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