The Android phone that (for the time being) has found the best alternative to the "notch" of the iPhone X -


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Android phone that (for the time being) has found the best alternative to the "notch" of the iPhone X

There are many smartphones that have the typical and controversial design of the "notch" on the front, from the iPhone X to the OnePlus 6 , through the Google Pixel 3 or the Oukitel U18 . The upper front frame is now part of our lives, and seemed to be the definitive solution to the problem of the implementation of cameras on the screen of smartphones. At least ... until now.

The Oppo Find X shows us that there are many more alternatives at the design level with respect to the controversial notch of the iPhone X. The new smartphone, which is launched today, June 19, has a motorized camera that makes appear a front frame that occupies the top ... but that is hidden inside the phone when the camera is not used.

This new Android smartphone has a 6.4-inch screen that takes advantage of 92.25% of the size of its housing. It includes a Snapdragon 845 processor manufactured by Qualcomm, has an impressive 8 GB of RAM and offers a storage capacity of 256 GB.

The camera system of Oppo Find X is exemplary
The truth is that the design of the Oppo Find X we found much more attractive than the design of other smartphones with "notch" as Apple's iPhone X. Be that as it may, this depends on the taste of each consumer.

The Oppo Find X seems magical, to see it for the first time no one would say that it has a camera hidden inside , much less the entire top, which appears automatically when a user opens the camera. Do you want to see how it works? Check out this video:

When you turn on Oppo's Find X and open the Camera app, the entire upper section of the phone is motorized and a 25 MP front camera , 3D face recognition system and a 16 MP, 20 MP rear dual camera appear. Simply awesome

Via | iDB

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