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Monday, 4 June 2018

The Apple Watch is more important than the iPhone

The Apple Watch has become over time one of the star devices of the company based in Cupertino , for many and varied reasons. Among them is the enormous comfort of wearing the smartwatch on your wrist, the class that gives us just put it and of course the many functions it offers, among which we can find the control of physical activity and or, without going far, our state of health.

Precisely the latter has given much to talk about since the smart watch came to market, and is that in all this time has managed to save a lot of lives owners of an Apple Watch around the world. We could say, without risk of making mistakes, that thanks to this, Apple's smartwatch is more important than the iPhone today, at least in everything related to health.

The Apple Watch saves lives

The Apple Watch not only controls our heart rate , something that has served to save the lives of many people, but also detects various types of diseases , notifying us by notification. In addition, it also allows us to make emergency calls that can save our lives when, for example, we are involved in a traffic accident.

All these functions will continue to improve over time, and is that the Apple device is not just a clock, able to record our physical exercise or show us notifications of messages that come to our iPhone, but also a health center who watches our state very closely. A sugar meter can be the next big challenge for the company that runs Tim Cook, which would undoubtedly make the device a great resource for a huge number of people.

Today, it is difficult to find a device that matches Apple Watch and that is because of the price it has in the market. Not only does it offer us an enormous amount of data and functions, but it is also the perfect travel companion to monitor our health and our physical state on a daily basis, informing us of any abnormal things that may happen.

Has the Apple Watch helped you at any time to save your life or has it informed you of any disease, for example, of a cardiac type?

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