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Sunday, 10 June 2018

The arguments of an Android brand to copy the notch of the iPhone X

The iPhone X arrived last September with a recognizable design by anyone. The screen reaches almost all four corners of the device , but at the top we have a notch, or notch, that "eats" a part of the screen.

The notch was quickly criticized by a large majority of users, especially Android devices, which did not like this notch at all. Although really is the only current way to place all these sensors in the front.

Since then we have seen how most Android devices added to this fashion . Although none has managed to eliminate the lower frame or "chin". The last one to join was the OnePlus 6 . The CEO of the Chinese brand has granted an interview in which we can get an idea of ​​the reasons for this design inspired by Apple's iPhone X.

The notch and the chin
Starting with the notch, Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, says that although it may be difficult for users to accept this design at the beginning, it is the best way to design a "frameless" smartphone today . Trust fully that it is a step in the right direction. Since it is the best way to take advantage of every inch of the device.

Another question, we really do all, is the lower frame that have all Android devices with notch. No smartphone has been able to rush the screen down like the iPhone X does .

The CEO informs that the technology will evolve to eliminate this element that is due to the connectors that the screen counts on. When asked about Apple and the iPhone X, "Apple has a flexible OLED display, which they have patented, which is capable of wrapping the bottom of the device , this is how they have completely removed the chin."

As for the future, it ensures that the technology will hide the cameras under the screen and the connectors will become smaller and smaller. So in "the next three years, the notch and chin will be getting smaller and smaller" . Something we've already talked about

In summary we can understand from the interview that Apple continues to inspire the competition, but nobody is able to match the technology offered by the iPhone X. In this case the curved screen.

Via | Gadgets360

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