The curious case of the man who claims $ 200 from Apple for forcing him to update his iPhone -


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The curious case of the man who claims $ 200 from Apple for forcing him to update his iPhone

The updates of our devices do not always arrive at the most opportune moment . Many of us are sometimes reluctant to install the updates, either out of carelessness or lack of interest. And if not tell a veteran doctor from the US state of Indiana.

The question is that this doctor, Dr. Dan Dwyer, has joined the car of technology applied to medicine . And is that your iPhone 7 is a perfect tool for the diagnosis of certain patients. He exercises his teaching in a rural population and sometimes patients send him by message a photo of, for example, a bee sting and his reaction.

A very persistent doctor
However, Dr. Dwyer, tired of hearing that the updates of the devices do not always give the expected result, ignored the messages that his iPhone was providing him to update. Come on, it did not update to new versions or crazy .

His policy was simple, ignore those update requests that came from his phone. It was feared that the worst could happen. However, one day, the update did not give options to be postponed. Literally, there was no alternative but to update and had to do so . Recognize that your iPhone was out of action for an important time, until the update was completed. I thought that during that time a patient could have sent him a request for life or death, which ultimately was not the case.

The doctor called Apple to complain, he wanted his iPhone not to be updated anymore and besides that, he wanted to go back to the previous version . They told him it was not possible, although they apologized for it. They passed him with a superior who could not attend to his request either, but tired of it he sent the company a minute of 200 dollars for the lost time. And you know what Apple did with it.

So I do not cut or lazy, has filed a lawsuit to Cupertino in the court of Parke County. You know, the fight of a simple doctor against the most powerful and powerful company in the world. And we must recognize that it has added value, we do not know if this case will open the path for more disgruntled users to submit new demands.

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