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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The dizzying numbers of the App Store: billions of profits

Many of the great developers, have reached a large size thanks to the tools that the platform of applications of Apple provides them. From the beginning, the company has always opted for the creators, and years later we have seen that they did it with great success. Although it is a closed platform, and sometimes too strict , as we have seen with the iPhone X adaptation , there is no denying that the success it has had caught us all by surprise.

Now, there are few who every day launch new applications with the illusion of one day becoming the new viral phenomenon . With the hope of being able to appear among the publishers that are presented every day in the home screen of the App Store . And is that, after knowing the income that developers are getting thanks to it and their growth forecasts, few people do not feel like starting to develop a new app.

According to the data of the analyst firm App Annie, with more than 4 and a half million applications launched up to the year 2017 (of which 77% are games), an estimated revenue of more than 53 billion has been achieved. Dollars. It should also be noted that, of those 4 and a half million apps, only 2 million are still available because of the strict quality control that Apple imposes on the platform.

But this is not going to stop, far from it. According to the same firm, in 2022 we could witness an income figure of more than 75 billion dollars , and probably still do not know the apps that will be able to reach those numbers. In fact, in four years could change so many things that we could stop having an App Store, so maybe you want to get to work right now to get your piece of the cake.

And you, have you managed to launch a successful app in the App Store?

Via | TechCrunch

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