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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The dizzying numbers of Apple, the trillion dollar company

Over the years, Apple has become a more than established technology company. Its price in recent years has risen to such a point that it approaches the trillion dollars . It is no longer just a computer company.

No doubt, Apple's plan to offer only high-end devices is working really well. Californians focus their strategy on customer satisfaction and, although that makes their devices more expensive, it keeps users trusting in their products.

But how has Apple managed to get here in little more than a decade?

Apple's income has not stopped growing, these are the culprits
Apple's revenues have grown incredibly in recent years . Few imagined it years ago and, although they may have been stagnant for a few years, Apple still generates a lot of money. These are the causes.

Undoubtedly the device that has had the most impact on the trajectory of Apple , at least when it comes to revenue. Few expected when it was launched 11 years ago but the iPhone has proven to be a success. But in addition it is currently the engine of Apple, it accounts for 60 percent of the company's income.

Even so, not everything is good news. Although the iPhone has generated more revenue this year, it is due to its price increase , especially the iPhone X. For this reason, Apple will react this year with a new model of more affordable price .

Other devices
But not everything is the iPhone, Apple has many more devices. IPad sales seem to have risen again thanks to the arrival of cheaper models . The Apple Watch is the best selling watch in the world and the Macs maintain stable sales, it is normal in a market that does not grow either.

But Apple has seen business in the accessories market. The AirPods have been a success and a new premium range is expected for next year .

And we end with the services, which could be the financial engine of Apple for the next few years. Revenues from this section rose more than 30 percent last quarter, adding almost as much as iPad and Mac sales combined.

This includes iTunes, Apple Music and Apple Pay among others. And probably include the new video service that Apple is preparing. Cheaper than Netflix and with many series already confirmed .

This is a short summary of why Apple is where it is. Such results are only achieved by having an intelligent strategy , with powerful devices and interesting services.

What do you think of Apple's figures?

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