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Sunday, 10 June 2018

The iPhone X can also be a classic

There are only a few days left until the 11th birthday of the first iPhone, which was originally named iPhone or more mundane iPhone 2G, is completed. Apple managed to break the market with a concept that combined phone, GPS, multimedia device and more . Apple had an ace in the sleeve that knew how to play very well.

132 months have passed since then, and technologically it's 132 years. Now we enjoy the iPhone X, a device that gives it everything, Face ID, OLED screen, 4K recording , a processor that leaves little to anyone. But do you have the magic of the first iPhone? Well now it is possible for a very affordable price.

Transform your iPhone X like the one of 2007

The concept presented by Spigen is a return, since in addition to providing protection, it gives us a very retro aesthetic and that leaves no doubt, on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone (the iPhone X came out in 2017), nothing better than to return to the roots and take as a starting point the original design.

Because in Spigen have managed to take the vision, spectacular on the other hand, from the first iPhone to the new, providing security. It is a powerful case, which is also compatible with wireless charging , the great novelty that came to Apple, although late, and thanks to its thickness keeps both the camera and the screen safe.

This concept has a smooth texture, but at the same time provides an effective grip. It will be practically impossible for you to fall out of your hands , remember that the Achilles heel of the Cupertino device is its fragility. And the changes of screen or of the back glass have some prices of impression .

Cheer up and do not leave for later buying your case, we provide you with the link to do it right here below. And even very interesting price and with the guarantee of the manufacturer Spigen , synonymous with robustness.

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