The photographer who works only with her iPhone and who has conquered Tim Cook -


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The photographer who works only with her iPhone and who has conquered Tim Cook

Yesterday we echoed a trip that Tim Cook has made to the Netherlands, today he has made the leap to Ireland, as we have known by MacRumors , and that has raised as always a certain expectation. Anyway, one of the things he has done is to meet Annet de Graff , an Amsterdam photographer who has become known for a particularity: she only shoots with her iPhone.

What a priori may seem something so normal, taking pictures with a mobile, acquires another dimension to check the quality of their work, made with an exquisite taste . In addition, last year he published a book of photographs that reflects the idiosyncrasy of his city through the objectives of an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 8.

This artist says she does not need anything more than her iPhone , and thanks to it she gets everything she needs to capture the essence of this beautiful city of canals and bridges. Such is the quality of his photographs , that the meeting with Tim Cook has served for the CEO to praise the way he uses his device.

Through her website , the artist shows a wide range of photographs, also focusing on the portrait, from which she manages to capture all her essence . It seems incredible that an iPhone in such good hands is capable of so much, and in fact, it is capable of surviving thanks to its art. Not only the publication of the book brings you logical benefits, the photography sessions are priced at € 150 per portrait. Although if you just want to enjoy as a spectator, check out their Instagram profile .

There are those who may think that charging for photos with a mobile phone, but here it becomes clear that the maxim is not only how you do it, but the product that you are able to obtain . And it is clear that in this case we speak of proven quality. The fact of photographing at such a high level is similar to that of Luisa Dörr, a Brazilian photographer with thousands of followers on Instagram and who has been able to portray a lot of women for Time magazine .

Tim Cook has demonstrated on many occasions the passion for photography on iPhone , and does not hesitate to end on Twitter the virtues of the cameras of their devices. Will he also be a follower of our weekly photography section ? If it is not, he loses it, right?

And finally, Annet de Graff has had the courtesy of giving a like to a photo that I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago , what she wants for the writer is a luxury . Things like these make you appreciate that, sometimes, some photo comes out well and is recognized.

Via | hetparool

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