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Monday, 4 June 2018

The promo returns! 3 months of Spotify for less than € 1

If there is a streaming music reference this is Spotify. This application, fruit of majors Swedish that matured in 2006, is the undisputed queen of this section . Although Apple Music is growing at a good pace , at the moment it can not handle them, they are a reference for many reasons.

And if recently we talked to you about a promotion to get the premium option for less than one euro for 3 months, today we return to the burden with this issue. Simply because they have decided to extend it until next June 30. It is a great opportunity to access a huge musical catalog that you can take with you at any time . Because you have to recognize that being a premium is a luxury. From Renaissance music to hardcore, going through Russian nationalism. Everything you want from Spotify is there. Do you want to know how to take advantage of the promotion? Do not lose sagging.

How to enjoy Spotify Premium 3 months for less than 1 euro

The process is very simple. You must register in this link with an email account in which previously you have not enjoyed the benefits of the Premium . If this were not so do not worry, because changing the payment method you have also solved . If on a previous occasion you paid with PayPal, you can pay now with a bank card.

Once you have registered and paid those 99 cents, you can enjoy music without ads or cuts of any kind for three months . For example, if you do it today, you will cover until September 3. This offer is limited, as we have said before, until June 30, at which time it will no longer be available. After 3 months you can cancel your subscription to Premium and stay with Free mode, which in fact has improved a lot after the latest updates. Do you want to get your account now? Now is the time!

 Spotify Music
Spotify Music

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