The screens of the next iPad and Mac could be used as a smart mirror -


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Monday, 18 June 2018

The screens of the next iPad and Mac could be used as a smart mirror

Apple is looking for even more utilities for its devices, even beyond entertainment and creativity. In fact, it is something that could become really strange even coming from them. A function born of science fiction films, without which many will not be able to live in the future. We talk about converting our iPad, or even our iMac, into an intelligent mirror to look at each day. And no, we are not talking about an iPhone X with a mirror effect .

As part of one of the latest patents that have been unveiled by the US body dedicated to its management, it has been discovered that Apple could be developing new screens for devices such as the iPad or the Mac capable of operating as if a mirror were will try These would work in a way that could be activated at the request of the user, as well as applications that may need it.

Combined with future applications and software features, this feature could turn our tablet or computer into a mirror capable of displaying all kinds of information . Imagine being able to check the weather, the news, or anything else while you prepare in the morning. Or come back from a hard night and be able to check while you wash that you have an important event the next day, and that you should already be sleeping.

Of course, there are many uses that we can imagine for something like that. The only drawback is that, as with all patents, there is the possibility that this technology is not even developed. The truth is, a few years ago we could start seeing prototypes created by other companies or even by the community itself , but we have not heard from them again, so it is possible that all this does not come from the patents that we have been able to know today.

And you, why would you use an intelligent mirror?

Via | AppleInsider

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