The undisputed rival of the iPhone X would also come with notch -


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Sunday, 10 June 2018

The undisputed rival of the iPhone X would also come with notch

Google is finalizing the details of what will be its new spearhead, the Pixel 3 XL. In the company of Mountain View seem to take for granted something that Apple did last summer: the notch is not a flower of a day and has come to stay, we do not know for how long, but the reality is that.

As time goes by, Google is betting on this notch for its next large-sized model, as evidenced by a real photograph of the device , whose date of incorporation into the technological market is still unknown, although the photos leaked if they give indications of how they have it configured. Curiosity: the rear camera is not dual.

And Google follows the trend not only of Apple, but of the multitude of Chinese manufacturers who see in this characteristic sign a reef . Those from Cupertino, once again, set a trend. Something that already happened with the suppression of the 3.5 mm headphone jack and that was followed by several manufacturers.

During last summer, when the presence of the notch was confirmed, many put the cry in the sky about this, and how could it affect the gameplay , how the applications are displayed or when visiting the videos. Almost that Apple is accused of giving sticks of blind or not having the concept anything clear.

Finally it has been shown that the notch is not only something cosmetic , in fact it is necessary in the iPhone X to house its TrueDepth system , but it seems to be the clear indication of where the new smartphones should go in the future. We do not know if this next release will have a facial recognition system like that of the apple, the Face ID .

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