These iOS 12 features will help you have a much less stressful life -


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Sunday, 10 June 2018

These iOS 12 features will help you have a much less stressful life

Apple took advantage of the presentation of iOS 12 this past Monday, June 4, in the WWDC of 2018 to continue with its image washing after the controversy about the slowdown of its operating system and programmed obsolescence.

The company said it would focus its efforts on improving the performance of iOS 12 on their mobile devices, and this has been the case. Apple presented very interesting features to reduce iPhone addiction, control actions more comfortably and, in general, lead a much less stressful life.

But not only has the performance of its terminals with installed iOS 12 been improved, but the battery level has also been increased and all the models running iOS 11 have been compatible . In other words, no device has become obsolete this year.

Screen time

One of the most important functions of iOS 12 is Screen Time . It has a series of very interesting features that will allow you to track exhaustively all the time you use using your iPhone and / or your iPad . In fact, the function will even send you notices to restrict the use of certain apps.

Grouped notifications

The notifications have been redesigned with iOS 12 , or at least your system. Now users can choose if they want to group all notifications by application, making it easier to control notifications, and of course, less stressful . What's more, by swiping your finger to the left over a notification you can access a menu with options to disable and silence the alerts.

Siri shortcuts

The new shortcuts or shortcuts from Siri allow you to configure iOS and HomeKit actions through simple voice commands.

These are some of the shortcuts that will make your life much less stressful:

"Siri, I'm leaving": I could lock the door, turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat.
"Siri, take me home": you could find a taxi and send a text message to your family.
"Siri, I'm hungry": you could search for a restaurant and indicate directions in Apple Maps.
Via | Apple Insider

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