They rob $ 100,000 in Apple products in a "Mission Impossible" style hit -


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

They rob $ 100,000 in Apple products in a "Mission Impossible" style hit

There are times when reality surpasses fiction, and we do not have to go far to think about the famous scene of the robbery in the movie "Mission Impossible", from the year 1996. In it, Tom Cruise was hanging face down in search of of their loot, and this is what has happened in a store of the Best Buy chain in the town of Dunwoody, Georgia.

As reported by the media wsbtv , the theft has had a booty of $ 100,000 , about 86,500 euros. The thieves have penetrated the premises through the roof and descolgándose to the best style of action film, rappelling.

The booty achieved is mainly made up of MacBook computers, iPad tablets and iPhone , perhaps the flagship product. The cacos entered the store directly from the roof and once inside the store, they had no difficulty in accessing the store. However, we do not know if they went out through the roof again or had to find another exit to the outside.

The police, which is looking for more data through the video surveillance cameras, is already on the trail of this band. It could also be related to a couple of similar robberies that took place in two stores in the states of Florida and Texas , with the same modus operandi . It is clear that Apple is a greedy brand also for friends of the alien.

Last year there was also the removal of a truck loaded with iPhone X in San Francisco, just in front of an Apple Store, in this case the value of the stolen amounted to $ 370,000 , which is the result of multiplying the 313 stolen units, and that they had a value of $ 999 each. This fact chanted, apparently with the connivance of someone close to the environment of the store.

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