This is the toothbrush that Apple sells on its official website -


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Friday, 22 June 2018

This is the toothbrush that Apple sells on its official website

Enter an Apple Store is a highly recommended exercise, especially because the irresistible desire to buy any item will go crazy if you have credit card. What you probably did not know is that in the stores of the Cupertino company in the United States you can buy up to a toothbrush .

This device, which works with its own application, has a price of $ 99 , and its design is quite neutral and minimalist. The best thing about this toothbrush is all it is capable of doing. It promises a total brushing experience, but why?

Smart brushing

What makes this accessory a fundamental element in good oral health is the fact that the application allows a detailed monitoring of those parts in which you must influence. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and best of all, for Apple Watch . We can also see the comments and reviews made by some users who have purchased it.

The brush, whose technical name is Colgate E1, although it is manufactured by Kolibree. The curious thing about this fact is that the Colgate version is only available for Apple and has the previously mentioned price, $ 99. The Kolibree , which is the same is for Android at a price of $ 129. For once, it seems that some of this OS is more expensive than for iOS.

And with the Colgate E1 you can make small children, through a fun game , can take the habit of a proper brushing. And it is all designed! Its charging time to the base is about 12 hours and the battery life, about 10 days.

In fact, despite its high price, it promises a total brushing if you meet the established times. We do not know the price of the replacement heads, although if this brush of last generation is so good, you can save some visit to the dentist .

 Colgate Connect
Colgate Connect
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