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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

This is what I like the most about iOS 12

iOS 12, although in the primitive phase, has just been presented 2 days ago. The most observed, analyzed and tested operating system on the planet returns to give you something to talk about. No wonder, iOS 11 already set the bar high and this new revision comes to provide a new push , necessary on the other hand.

Consumers increasingly become more demanding in terms of software consumption, and operating systems like this are crushed over and over again by the most demanding people . For that same reason, we are going to review everything that is worthwhile in iOS 12.

iOS 12 I like it for ...

Group FaceTime

Those of us who use this communication system often see with good eyes the possibility of making connections with more than one member at a time . Communication is something everyday, and without a doubt it is a wise to have implemented this option. Imagine a brief working meeting on FaceTime.

Greater control
How many times do we spend the dead hours with the iPhone in our hands and we are not doing anything. Now it is possible to set time limits on some apps , if we are not able to stop, that iOS does for you is a good idea.

It is something that is noticed, so much so that iOS 12 runs perfectly on an iPhone 5s of 2013 . Light system, where the fluidity is a very remarkable characteristic . At least for the moment, it does not have to stop being that way for future revisions.

Improvement in Augmented Reality
Apple bet for it, it already did in iOS 11 and it is a snowball that is becoming more and more. With the development of ARKit 2, the applications will make an increasing use of these features . The experiences will be many and better, just look at their application to measure .

Siri more effective
It was time to see how Apple's assistant lagged behind, for example, Alexa. New shortcuts by voice are added to be able to automate daily tasks , it is a way of teaching Siri to do things.

Grouped, finally. Some visual and mental cleaning. It seemed like very necessary . Has not happened to turn on the iPhone in the morning and see an infinite stream of things? What a feeling of oppression!

Better organization in Photos
Particularly I do not usually accumulate them in the iPhone, however this improvement will help those people to find their photographs, since it looks for them in an intelligent way and reduces much the breaking of the head looking for .

Battery management
Here Apple has not wanted to be with little girls after the scandal of the past Christmas. Graphs and understandable statistics , an evolution of what began to offer in iOS 11 at the beginning of this year.

These are our favorite things about iOS 12, although there are users who expect something more these changes are always welcome. Do you tell us in comments what your iOS 12 preferences are?

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