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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

watchOS 5: All the novelties of the latest software version of the Apple Watch

As part of WWDC 2018, Apple has released updates for all of its operating systems , such as iOS 12 . And, of course, one of the great protagonists has been the Apple Watch, with magnificent additions designed to improve the user experience of all users.

From health, to communication, to improvements in interacting with Siri, the Apple Watch is willing to maintain the throne of smart watches , and watches in general, for a long time. Take a look at some of the improvements below, which are already available to developers through the beta program:

Health and wellbeing, always under control

As always, health is at the center of the new version of watchOS. Among other novelties, we can find improvements for those who enjoy competitions with their friends, with a new system with which we can challenge them to beat us in special challenges. Of course, if we are able to complete them, we will receive new prizes, which we can add to our list of achievements.

To this, we can add new training modes that include yoga, hiking, among others, with new rhythm alerts that will help us to follow every step or stroke we take. On the other hand, your Apple Watch will remind you if you need to move a little more, with notifications to start activities, similar to how the Nike + Run Club app does.

And if all this were not enough, the automatic detection of exercises is also implemented, so that we will not have to activate the Entreno app every time we start a workout. Those moments are over when we have to stop our session because we forgot to activate the Apple Watch's Training mode.

Always connected, and now with integrated Walkie-Talkie

As they demonstrated with the launch of the Apple Watch with mobile connection, one of the main functions of the Apple Watch is communication. The new version brings a new communication system for the watch, Walkie-Talkie , which as the same name indicates, allows communications by means of Push to Talk (PTT).

More changes in Siri, including the new quick functions

As in iOS 12, whose news you can check here, Siri also receives some improvements, such as third-party apps in the field of Siri, or new fast features. In addition, it is no longer necessary to say "Hey Siri" to talk to the assistant, we just have to tell him what we want after activating the screen.

On the other hand, they have improved their learning abilities to be able to offer us adequate actions to our daily routines . For example, he will propose us to start an exercise session at a certain time of the day when he knows that we are active, or to activate specific scenes of the Casa app.

Other news: notifications, Podcasts ...
Notifications also receive some changes, with the arrival of interactive notifications , thanks to which it will no longer be necessary to open the applications to execute certain actions. And for the first time, we can access certain web pages in a limited way, in those apps that make it up.

Another great news of the fifth version of the operating system, is the arrival of Podcasts , with a dedicated app for the clock that works with Siri. In this way, we can play any podcast, audiobook or meditation session with just saying it when turning the wrist. This includes not only those that Apple puts at our disposal, but also third parties such as Pandora or Audible.

Compatible devices
Although it hurts, the truth is that not everything is good news with this new watchOS update. Among the compatible devices, are all models, except the original Apple Watch with mononucleus processor. Thus, Apple ends support for the first generation, which was already suffering from its reduced processing capacity.

These are just some of the changes that will come in the next version, given that Apple is probably saving some for the next revision of the clock. However, it is easy to say that this is one of the biggest updates that have come to date.

And you, are you already looking forward to watchOS 5?

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