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Monday, 4 June 2018

What does the iPhone X mean for the future of telephony?

As we know all those who follow each step that gives our manufacturer of terminals and electronics products in general favorite, Apple, several months ago that brought to market its current flagship, the iPhone X. This terminal has new features never seen before in a phone and therefore, has drawn attention more than the other products in this category launched by the Cupertino company in recent years, but does it mean something for the future of telephony? ?

The next impact of the iPhone X on the telephone industry

The reason many of us know why this iPhone has been called X instead of 10 is because it symbolizes the anniversary of the tenth anniversary of the most famous terminal in history , the iPhone 2G or Classic which already had a quite remarkable impact on the industry The development of telephone technology more than 10 years ago has advanced considerably thanks to this symbolic smartphone.

For several years, Apple has been criticized for several things, including that they no longer innovate as much as they once did, which is true. It seems that the American brand has given to create again the illusion in its followers to be a unique signature once again and we can say that there has not been as much expectation for a terminal as there was with the iPhone X in many years and this It has several reasons.

What has changed?

The Californian firm decides to throw overboard the classic front design with the big main button and bet on a surface without buttons and almost completely invaded by a screen and the Notch of it. Despite the above, what has most attracted the attention of the public of Apple was facial recognition called Face ID , a tool that according to the engineers of the apple is safer than the Touch ID and that at the same time they tell us that it is the future of biometric technology.

In short, we can expect that the iPhone X has an impact on the aesthetic and technical part of the smartphones of the future because it has the best current terminal benchmark . We are already beginning to see the effect of Notch on many Chinese manufacturers that implement it in their terminals, so we are likely to see more and more manufacturers making the most of the front surface.

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