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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Who is Craig Federighi, the Tim Cook of the developer keynote

If you are a regular at Apple events, you will have noticed that behind Tim Cook, master of ceremonies, usually appears a tall, thin and gray hair . Yes, that man who failed the Face ID on September 12 during the presentation of the iPhone X.

This person is Craigh Federighi, the senior vice president of software engineering for the Californian company. He is 49 years old and entered the company definitively in 2009. At first, he was in charge of designing and directing MacOS, and later on doing it with iOS . That is, your operating system is designed by a vast team that is led by him, which is why he has a degree in Computing and Electrical Engineering from the University of Berkeley.

Some curiosities about Craig

The fact of being a boss within the company structure of the bitten apple does not make him an inaccessible person . In fact it is quite common that he usually responds to emails directed by clients , to dispel doubts or clarify some concepts, a very favorable point for someone of high level.

As we can see in his Twitter profile , his nickname in this social network is Hair Force One, perhaps because of that powerful hair he spends . And it uses Twitter as a means to launch powerful messages that are not overlooked. Eye to this of the same day of the WWDC 2018.

His appearance, sometimes ungainly, is because his shirts are not usually fully buttoned , giving an image of a person with some initiative. A manual work class hero . A particular aesthetic, to which Steve Jobs was already accustomed with his sports shoes, jeans and black turtleneck.

For the rest, and apart from working very hard, Craigh Federighi is a close guy, who loves the Canadian rock band Rush, and who loves to surf and sing in karaoke . A regular at Apple's keynote since 213 and who has earned, in his own right, a preferential place in them and in the company.

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