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Monday, 18 June 2018

Why iOS 12 is just what you need to spend less time with your iPhone

The addiction to the mobile phone is the order of the day, perhaps we spend more time of the due using it. Or maybe not, many of us are the ones who work with him, although it is true that we tend to be driven by inertia and end up consulting things that do not come to mind.

The issue is that iOS 12 , still and for a long time in beta, enters in Settings an option called "Screen Time" . It is not more than a mere record, very detailed in addition, of all the data of use of our device. Among others, the active screen time, notifications and their number, most used apps ...

It is considered a great option
Normally we had been using applications such as Moment , which allows the learning of certain detoxification habits , yes, these pots generate a lot of addiction. What Apple is proposing to us with this is to show you objectively, it is true that it does not make recommendations, many parameters.

The objective is clear, that you yourself analyze them and, consequently, value if you are starting to lose control . At the time of writing these lines, my time on the screen is about two hours in the middle of the day, the usual thing is that it usually ends with more than 4 total hours. Too? Maybe, although it is a very important part in my work and I have to be pretty close to it.

A very favorable point is the possibility of assessing what you are using that time, if you do with Facebook or Pages. The notifications are amazing, you realize how many of them we receive and serve . All this must lead us to a reflection, we must make an intelligent use of our devices, which ultimately are at our service, and not us theirs.

We can even give some apps time to stop working after a predetermined daily time, if Twitter absorbs you and you only want to spend 15 minutes a day, it comes in handy. Although there is nothing definitive, you can always add more time if you need more , are you sure you need more?

What I can do?

Although iOS 12 shows us objective data in Time on screen, which we will deal with more deeply when it is presented officially, there are always some easy-to-use tips:

  • It is not necessary to carry your iPhone continuously. I do not think you need to lower the garbage or go to wash the car. Feeling free is a great feeling .
  • Unless you expect something urgent, some notifications can wait to be attended , surely those of your gym group.
  • Practice airplane mode more frequently . That is, you cancel the possibility of receiving or sending things. Very useful if your car does not have a hands-free system or are in a museum.

Do you see with good eyes the inclusion of systems like this?

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