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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

10 shortcuts for iPhone that you probably did not know

Surely you have been using your iPhone for years and you have it very dominated. Or maybe you're new and do not know iOS thoroughly. Be the type of user that you are, surely there are many of these tricks that you do not know .

It is not the first time that we talk about tricks or shortcuts of iOS , but today we tell you some new ones .

10 new shortcuts for iPhone
Even if you think you know everything, surely there are some of these shortcuts that you do not know .

1. Close all safari tabs
It is possible to close all tabs of the Safari web browser on the iPhone and iPad. If you have many tabs open you will lose a lot of time in closing them all.

To do it all at once we keep pressed in the double square below to the right and in the popup window we give you to close the tabs.

2. Open a recently closed tab
But, what happens if you close one of those tabs by mistake ?, nothing happens you can easily open it again .

The first thing to do is click on the double square below to the right. Now we keep pressed on the "+" that there is in the entrance. We will see a list with the last closed tabs.

3. Delete all notifications
If you have a lot of notifications and you want to delete them all you can also do it all at once. To do so it is necessary to have a device with 3D Touch . That is, an iPhone 6s or more modern.

Now, from the notification center, we only have to press stronger on the "x" and then on "Delete all notifications".

4. Delete several photos at once
Selecting and deleting several photos at once is very simple. For this we go to the photos application and click on Select up on the right. Now we just have to drag the finger through the photos and they will be selecting.

5. Open links much faster
We talked about it recently , to open links much faster we just have to press with two fingers on the link itself .

6. Coin conversion very quickly
It is likely that you do not use much search in Spotlight. But it is very useful for the conversion of coins or units. On the home screen, we scroll down and type the ones we want to convert .

7. Desktop version in Safari
It is possible to see the desktop version of a web page from Safari on the iPhone or iPad. To do this we keep clicking on the top arrow that appears above and click on desktop version.

8. Move applications between screens easily
We all know how to move apps on the iPhone or iPad. But we can move several apps at once. To do this, we keep an application pressed, move it and without releasing the screen we click on another application , so we can move many applications at once.

9. Move apps between folders
Similarly, we can move applications from one folder to another. Keep the app pressed, move it and without releasing click on the destination folder . We will be able to move applications much faster.

10. Access directly to the app with a notification inside a folder
When we have a balloon on a folder, it means that some app has a notification. To know which application has the notification and access directly, we press hard on the folder with 3D Touch and we will see in detail the applications with notifications.

How many of these tricks did you know?

Via | The Sun

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