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Monday, 9 July 2018

4 accessories to take your photography and video to another level with the iPhone

Making good photos with our iPhone depends on many factors, inspiration, momentum, our ability and everything that comes to mind. And it is clear, we can complement the magnificent camera of our iPhone with certain objects that can help us.

For that reason we bring you a selection of 4 articles that may interest you, as they will help you to live better experiences when taking photos or recording good videos . Because you already know, the cameras of mobile devices already shine at a high level .

Set of 3 lenses
Set of attachable lenses to the iPhone, which allow you to have a fisheye lens, another for macro and other wide angle. You will take the exploration possibilities to the maximum, and for a more than affordable price . Ideal for these newly started holidays.

Tripod and selfie stick
Summer is the perfect time for those special photos, and we have found this selfie stick that also hides a big surprise: it is also a tripod . Those photos with your friends are going to take another dimension, and your photos of the sunsets will not shake your pulse.

Prynt pocket printer
Can you imagine taking a picture with your friends and having a paper copy on the spot? It is possible with this printer that connects to the lightning port , the best of all is its small size, which will make you take it wherever you want. Share your best moments!

3 in 1 Hand stabilizer and tripod grip
You can not ask for more for less. A basic stabilizer with which you can record perfect videos with your iPhone, and with the possibility to hook a sports camera at the same time. And that's not all, it also comes with a remote control .

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