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Sunday, 1 July 2018

6 things we want to see in the next iPhones

This latest edition of the iPhone, the X series , has been the one that has received some update in terms of hardware. For example, the physical start button has been eliminated , which has been outlined as a great success by the Cupertino.

However, there are still some improvements that we do not know why they continue to exist and that it would not hurt for them to disappear at once . The proposal we have is this, maybe you can help us with yours, are you encouraged?

6 things that should disappear from the iPhone

The USB-C port
It was introduced in 2012 with the iPhone 5, and came to replace the classic 30 pin plug. Now, Apple may not stop looking elsewhere when the trend is to implement the USB-C , which is doing with your MacBook. Therefore, it would be outlined as a very positive improvement that would make those who coexist with several brands in the same address, should not be looking for their own cable. The standard therefore would be the most comfortable.

Flush camera
It was probably one of the controversies when we saw it with the iPhone 6, is to put it face up without a case on a table and see that it moved. Apple will have its reasons to do so, and it is true that with the case is solved this problem, but surely the Californians have the technology to make the camera to the body . I would win in terms of design, being this much more stylized.

Without silence button
Unaltered from the original iPhone , although it is no longer on the iPad. I recognize that I usually have it active and it is certainly comfortable, but sometimes it ends up bothered. It does not stop being a "stuck" there that can have a more updated solution . Undoubtedly the design would gain a lot, imagine an iPhone X with its metal frame and without it.

Undoubtedly has been something that has given something to talk about, especially before the departure of the iPhone X. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that has marked a trend, you just have to look at Android , where the notch is present, although perhaps there are ways to make this bump , which has its meaning, be mitigated . You just have to look at this solution, among others, that even Apple would be able to improve. Or give a solution so that the "all-screen" effect becomes a reality.

Update the charger
Maybe it's the least expensive to do. There is no point in continuing to include that 5-watt charger , which is obviously insufficient. More so with a device that is capable of fast charging. Personally, I have not used the charger included in the box from the iPhone 4s, my solution for the iPad.

Quality cables
Apple, take note. When will quality cables in our products? The iPhone and iPad always die in the same place , the union between the cable itself and its connector, so I always prefer other alternatives . Is it hard to do something decent?

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