According to a manufacturer of covers, this 2018 will be a low-cost version of the iPhone X -


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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

According to a manufacturer of covers, this 2018 will be a low-cost version of the iPhone X

There are more and more rumors that point to it, this year we will see a low-cost version of the iPhone X. For months that analysts on Apple do not talk about anything else, the Cupertino company prepares three new iPhone for this year and one of them would be cheaper than normal.

Today we get new information about this supposed low cost iPhone from the hand of a manufacturer of covers. We know that this type of company obtains the measures of the devices beforehand in order to have the covers ready for launch and in many cases they end up filtering the design of the future devices.

This will be the low cost iphone X
In the past we have already talked about this supposed cheap iPhone, a design that would mix the front of the iPhone X and the back of iPhone 8 . That is, we would have an all-screen design with Face ID and a single rear camera .

And those specifications have been made by the Ghostek brand with the update of its range of Atomic Slim covers since, "unintentionally", they have filtered what would be the los-cost iPhone.

As you can see, if it were not for the only rear camera, we would all say that it is an iPhone X, but that detail makes us lean towards the future cheap model. This leak indicates that Apple will offer the full screen design at a more affordable price , although for that you have to sacrifice some things.

One of the discards would be the second rear camera, it is also expected that this new low-cost iPhone replaces the OLED screen , one of the most expensive elements of the iPhone X, by an LCD panel, which will allow Apple to save costs. In addition this screen will be noticeably larger than the iPhone X reaching 6.1 inches.

The truth is that this is one of the rumors that is sounding louder and we all hope it becomes a reality . Apple do not let us fail again, the iPhone 5c is a bad memory of low-cost iPhone.

Do you think Apple will launch a low-cost iPhone this year?

Via | Forbes

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