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Friday, 6 July 2018

Apple releases 3 football shorts recorded with the iPhone

Apple continues its campaign of videos and announcements for the World Cup . A few weeks ago, he premiered three shorts focused on the iPhone camera but with a perfect soccer theme for this World Cup moment.

The ads have been watching on television these days and today Apple has released three new videos. No longer are video tutorials on the camera of the iPhone, now Apple tells us three beautiful real stories related to football .

Three Apple stories related to football
The first of these shorts is called "In the heart of Australia" and tells us how it is possible to find happiness through football. We can see how several aboriginal girls embrace the king sport to create new opportunities for them and their community . In the short one you can appreciate its cultural heritage and how its identity is preserved and cared for.

The second of these shorts is titled "The 'Wa' of football." The 'Wa' means harmony, peaceful unity and conformity within a social group . In the video we can see a group of monks play a football match with the people of their community.

The third and last short film is called Copa 2018 on the Island of Berlengas. It tells the story of two rival fishing communities, Baleal and Peniche, who decide to play a football game in a neutral territory: the island of Berlengas , located 7 miles from the mainland. This historic match will decide the champion of the sea and football.

Three different stories in three different places of the world, but all with a common denominator: football . These videos from Apple are included in the campaign "Shot on iPhone" so they are recorded entirely with the Apple device and tell us very captivating real stories.

How do you like the new stories of Apple?

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