Apple would be about to stop the manufacture of the iPhone SE and the iPhone X, news in sight? -


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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Apple would be about to stop the manufacture of the iPhone SE and the iPhone X, news in sight?

As every year around this time, rumors about the new iPhone skyrocket. In September the new models of the Apple smartphone will be presented, and the months of July and August are a hotbed of speculation . Those of Cupertino, as is normal, will focus all their efforts on the next generation, leaving aside the current one.

The production of certain versions of the company's smartphone will decrease in favor of the new ones, as is normal. But nobody expected that Apple completely cancel the manufacture of terminals such as iPhone SE or iPhone X.

The production will focus on the new iPhone

Apple's goal for the coming months is to focus all production on its new iPhone , making a total of 91 million units. The new phones, called by analysts such as iPhone 9 (economic LCD model), iPhone 11 (second generation of the X) and 11 Plus (X Plus), monopolize all the assembly lines.

According to rumors, it is believed that 28 million units of the three models will be made in the third quarter of the year. For the fourth, the figure will increase to 63 million in order to reach the estimated production. Already in the first quarter of 2019 46 million units are planned and another 46 million in the second. Many more than in previous years .

Goodbye to iPhone X and SE

Both the iPhone SE and the X have been the most controversial smartphones of the company . The first, for having a 4-inch screen and, the second, for the notch.

In the case of the SE, there were those who thought that it would be a total failure due to its size, since the tendency is to make bigger and bigger screens. However, it has found a niche in all those people who want a powerful device that fits in any pocket . Everything pointed to that there would be a second generation of the device, but nothing is confirmed

For its part, the iPhone X has not left anyone indifferent by the incredible quality of its screen and professional camera .

And you, do you think that the decision to stop the manufacture of these two terminals is correct? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Via 9to5Mac

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