Battery problems in iOS 11.4? You are not the only one -


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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Battery problems in iOS 11.4? You are not the only one

For Apple, the issue of batteries seems to have no end, a matter that has been raging since the end of last year . We refer to the management that makes iOS 11.4 of it, so that the Apple support forums already have many user complaints . It seems that the performance is not optimal and literally, the devices deplete the battery in a few hours, or work very irregularly.

As stated in these support pages , users have encountered the problem when updating to iOS 11.4, at which time the battery runs out before the end of the day , even without the intervention of the owners. We are then faced with a software problem, before which Apple has not yet manifested publicly.

As discussed in these threads, there are truly serious cases, where the capacity has fallen by around 20 percent in an hour , even if the device has not been used. Apple is still with beta versions of iOS 11.4, although these problems have occurred even in the version available to all users.

As some people have reported, updating to the beta version of iOS 12 , which will not be released as a final version until the end of September, solves these problems. From Cupertino, once all these complaints have been collected and the causes identified, a patch that manages to solve this drain in battery management will probably be removed.

As we can see, the Californians do not end up finishing in this sense because it is not the first time that this problem occurs, recently there were many reports referring to the poor duration of it . If you have noticed such an irregular battery life please let us know in our comments section.

Via | 9to5mac

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