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Sunday, 22 July 2018

How to free space on your iPhone

Although the main function of an iPhone, as a mobile phone, is to make phone calls and send text messages, each user can use it in a different way. For some, the perfect camera with which to make thousands of photographs. For another, have your entire iTunes music library in the palm of your hand. Very normal uses that can turn against you if you do not have a lot of capacity .

If you have one of the last iPhone released to the market, the 8th or X, the safest thing is that you never run out of space. These two models offer variants of 64 or 256 GB, enough for practically the entire population. However, if you are the proud owner of a previous generation, it is very likely that your internal storage capacity is very limited to 16 or 32 GB (at best). Therefore, we tell you how to free space on your iPhone .

How to free space on your iPhone

Review what your GB is invested in

Before taking any action to recover space, it is important to know what you have stored on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage . You will see a bar with different colors that indicates what the space is invested in. If you download, you will have a detailed list of the apps ordered from highest to lowest internal memory consumption.

Thus, you can discover what service is responsible for cannibalizing this resource as important as it is scarce for some. You may have many downloaded podcasts, or Spotify music to listen to offline.

Get rid of what you do not use

ow many applications do you have on your iPhone that you never use? That photo retouching app that you used a couple of times and you no longer remembered that you had it. Or the fashion game that X or Y did not open for centuries. Free your smartphone from them, they do not do any good. And neither to the internal storage.

If you think you may need them in the future, you can delete them without deleting their data . So you get some space and you make sure you always have all the information in case you ever need it again.

Finally, although to a lesser extent, Internet browsers such as Safari and Chrome also consume space . The search history can become a small enemy against your GB, so it's never wrong to remove it from time to time. Just go to Settings> Safari and give Clear history and website data. Do this to get the same result with Chrome .

Cleaning of photographs

Although the mobile phone of the apple can show in streaming to the rest of iOS devices up to 1,000 photos, it is not the most suitable for the hard disk of your smartphone. It is a good way to make backup copies, but only if you are willing to sacrifice a significant portion of space. And, the more quality a photograph has, the more it occupies . And the iPhone takes snapshots of very high quality. And more if they have the HDR activated. In iPadizate we tell you a trick to save space in the photos and stay alone with the best.

Shuffle the possibility of using a cloud storage service to save your photographs. For less than one euro per month, in iCloud you have 50 GB. If you prefer alternatives, you have Google Photos or Dropbox, to give some examples. The Google solution is free and offers unlimited storage for photos . One option to consider.

Beware of text messages

Is it really necessary to have the history of so many chats and groups? What use could it be given? They do nothing but waste the space of your iPhone, and more if through them many multimedia files are shared. This applies to both iMessage and WhatsApp, the most widely used platform in Spain and half the world.

Check the settings of the app and prevent these files from being downloaded automatically . This way you will have more control and choose what you want to have and what not. In this case, the memes and pictures of kittens can make us go a little bad.

With these tips and tricks, freeing space on our iPhone or iPad will be easier than ever.

Via Wired

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