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Monday, 9 July 2018

How to know which apps consume more battery on your iPhone or iPad

One of the characteristics that most matter to iPhone or iPad users, and other devices, is the battery life . Apple has had some problems lately with this issue that have generated enough criticism, which shows the importance of the battery for users.

If you notice that your device's battery is being consumed faster than usual, it is possible that an app or service is consuming more energy than it should . But there's no problem, so you can easily find out which app is draining your battery percentage.

How to check the use of the battery on iPhone or iPad
Fortunately for us, iOS includes an option in the settings that shows us the battery that each application consumes . It is something different depending on the version of iOS that we have installed.

iOS 11
In iOS 11 we have less information but it is enough to know which application is causing problems . To check:

We go to iPhone Settings or iPad.
Click on Battery .
We wait a few seconds for iOS to load all the information .
Now a list of the apps we use most will appear.
The percentage of use appears, if we click on the clock the time we have used that app on the screen and in the background will appear.
If we press in the last 7 days we will see the same but with data of the whole week.
iOS 12
As I'm sure many of you already know, iOS 12 includes a renewed battery control system with many more options for users and much more detailed graphics.

As we know that many will have installed the public beta of iOS 12 , so you can control the applications that consume more battery:

As in iOS 11, we go to Settings and click on Battery .
After waiting a few seconds we will see the usage graphs and below the list of applications .
By default the percentage appears, but by clicking on Show activity we will obtain more information.
In the upper part we can alternate between the last 24 hours or the last 10 days

If at the top of this list appears an app that you have not used lately, that is the app that is consuming your resources. Our recommendation is to eliminate it from multitasking and restart the device , if the problem persists it will be best to delete it and reinstall it.

Easy and simple, is any app giving you problems?

Via | iMore

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