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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How to sleep better thanks to your iPhone

For some, one of the greatest pleasures of life along with food. For others, a waste of time. However, all agree that sleep is a basic need for the human being . A need that is not given, in many cases, the attention it deserves.

The reasons why we do not devote enough time to sleep can be many: that we have backlog, we stay late watching television or mobile (and the damage caused by blue light ) or problems falling asleep. This can cause the next day you feel tired and unable to face the day . If you want to change your nightly habits, the iPhone is your best ally.

Why do we have to sleep and how long?
Lack of sleep is capable of wreaking havoc on humans . Although no studies have been carried out on people (let it be known), they have been carried out in laboratory rats. The results are chilling: weakness, sores, extreme thinness despite eating much more than they need and ... death.

Scientists still do not know what processes occur during sleep in our brain . Some theories suggest that chemical substances are supplied, problems are solved and information is stored and classified. This makes all the sense, since students better assimilate the concepts once they sleep.

The number of hours needed to feel rested depends on age. While a baby should sleep about 14 hours a day, an adult would need between 7 and 8 .

How can our iPhone help us

There are many apps that help us improve our sleep habits in iOS. However, since the arrival of iOS 10 in 2016, the iPhone has a feature called "Sleep" or "Time to sleep" to help us improve our sleep. More than monitoring the quality of it or if we move a lot, it reminds us when we should go to bed and get out of bed.

To use "Dream", we just have to access the Clock app and go to this section and start. Then, he will guide us to plan our rest schedule, including alarms on working days and how many hours would be ideal each night. You can also set up a pop-up reminder to remind us that there is little time left to sleep and a pleasant sound so that waking up is a little less traumatic.

This function of our iPhone can be deactivated easily by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the "Dream" section.

And you, do you have trouble sleeping? Try this function and tell us in the comments how it went.

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