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Monday, 9 July 2018

Is it true that Tim Cook can access the information of any iPhone user?

After having suffered various scandals related to the privacy and security of users' personal data, and after having gone through a gigantic change such as the new GDPR of the European Union that has made people more aware of what They share, it does not hurt to think about what could happen with our Apple products . Although we must not forget that these also suffered several changes with respect to the subject of privacy.

For example, surely many wonder if Tim Cook, as CEO of Apple, could request access to the data of a specific person simply because of who he is. And thanks to the collective wisdom of Reddit , we have found an answer that could well satisfy all our doubts in this regard. Of course, we must say that it is a mere hypothesis, and that it is likely that, if someone wants our data, do not go through so much legal trouble, so it does not hurt to protect them .

The main thing is that Tim Cook, at first, could only access a file with very limited information about each user, which would include their basic contact information, purchase history, devices, contracted services ... In short, nothing revealing, just a very small sample, which could perhaps be extended to a history of using iCloud and iMessage that would not include private or encrypted messages, or photographs, application data or GPS location.

Of course, the thing would change if there is a court order in between, at least, in the United States. In that case, and at the request of the government, the contents of the iCloud cloud could be accessed, the messages stored on the company's server ... In addition, in case of emergency it is possible to request access to location services, although it would require the authorization by the authorities and the company, which seems to suppose a great bureaucratic process.

In any case, all this should be enough to confirm what many of us thought: not even Apple's top executive could access our data without our authorization or, in certain cases, that of a judge. In any case, if you want to take a look at what Apple knows about you, you can always follow this tutorial to get an idea of ​​what is on your servers.

And you, how do you protect your data?

Source | Reddit

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