Is Xiaomi the new Apple? The Chinese company opens in the stock market -


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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Is Xiaomi the new Apple? The Chinese company opens in the stock market

In only 8 years of life the Chinese company Xiaomi does not stop generating news, either because of the quality of the devices it is capable of manufacturing. And the most recent news is the debut in the parquet floor of Hong Kong , where the premiere was highly anticipated. However, he has not made a good start, since the fall was 1.29 percent, having registered peaks of up to 6 percent during the session.

The number of shares that have been paid has been 2,200 million, and they aim to achieve a value of almost 4,000 million euros, some 90,000 million Mexican pesos. Unfortunately and according to the specialists, the moment chosen for Xiaomi's IPO has not been the most appropriate if we pay attention to the macroeconomic conditions.

Xiaomi, the new Apple, sure?
These data contrast with the good course taken by Apple , whose shares are winding in pomp and heading toward the $ 200 , a figure that could reach shortly , pending the quarterly results of next July 31.

Xiaomi has deployed a huge opening of physical stores in our territory, places inspired by the aesthetics of Apple, being the premises of Granada and Madrid the last ones that have seen the light. The diversification of products , since they not only manufacture mobiles, computers, sports bands or domestic robots, among other items, makes it a very attractive company for the public.

The Chinese manufacturer is emerging as an economic alternative to other brands, as it is able to offer quality devices at fairly competitive prices , well built and with excellent performance. Good proof of this is that this brand has been able to surpass Apple in China . You know, looking at the best will always give good results . At least Xiaomi does it well.

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