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Thursday, 5 July 2018

LG comes into play: will provide screens for iPhone 2018

Every day that passes we know more about the iPhone 2018, remember that it is a trio of phones with different measures, features and features . And Apple is already trying to make us forget the small distaste that has meant for some the iPhone X. Therefore, prepare an attack move for the fall of this year, likely date of release to the market of these devices.

The Korean company LG, as we announced last week , is emerging as the second provider of screens for the 2018 models , signal that has managed to exceed the high quality standards that Californians request and that, for now, only Samsung equals . There is nothing more to see the quality of the iPhone X screen.

Why does LG enter to produce for Apple?
The Cupertino are very clear, do not want the production problems that affected the series of 2017, specifically the iPhone X, and that caused delays and delays in deliveries. We all wanted phones, but they were late in arriving. Therefore, LG will work hand in hand with Samsung , increasing production probably up to 5 million.

In addition, they ensure that with this line of work there is always a reinforcement in case of failure, order problems or similar. The good news does not stop, because it seems that it is going to reduce the price of the product by 10 percent , thanks to the reduction of costs of the development of these OLED panels. Panels of this type are not exactly economical.

LG would focus on the production of the impressive panel of the iPhone X Plus , the flagship of the brand and that would have a diagonal measure of 6.5 inches . We also remember that there will be a model with 6.1-inch LCD screen, which some describe as a low-cost but high-performance iPhone.

What do you expect from the 2018 iPhone? Leave us your opinions in our comments section.

Via | 9to5mac

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