Professionals for reforms at your fingertips with Habitissimo -


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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Professionals for reforms at your fingertips with Habitissimo

The reason for the universal headache , beyond the worries about whether the price of gasoline has risen a bit more, or that maybe in this greengrocer the kilo of tomatoes is higher than in the 100 meters beyond . The reason why everyone, wherever they live, and live as they live, are the reforms.

Find a quality company that knows how to make a change in our home , meeting our needs and that is close is complicated.

Having a platform near where you can easily find that professional , who meets the basic characteristics for our project is already real. We are talking about Habitissimo's mobile application.

The web of reforms based in Mallorca solves all the doubts in these aspects and helps us to find in a simple and comfortable way professionals of the reforms and the repairs with just one click.

Quality professionals in the same network
With almost a decade of operation, the Mallorcan company has always served as an essential guide for the sector of professional reforms.

In addition, this company also opens its borders online to any part of the world, especially thanks to its online version in Southern Europe and Latin America .

The services offered by Habitissimo are very varied and extensive so that they adapt perfectly to each user. In addition, with the simple use of the web and application , we can quickly request a budget for a specific task and receive, at no cost, up to four different budgets of professionals from the environment.

On the other hand, this company also inspires us . Yes, yes, as you hear it. In addition to being able to easily get our professional for what we want to do at home, we can inspire thanks to their hundreds and hundreds of trips that we can automatically visualize and get inspiration at the moment.

Reform App Habitissimo

There is no prestige website that boasts that it does not have a mobile application to complement its services. As well as the increase of users who increasingly access websites through their mobile devices, more and more companies do not want to miss this niche market opportunity and launch themselves into the adventure of creating an app .

Habitissimo, he did not want to be less. And that's how your little baby was born.

This great discovery was made in 2015, and since then has not stopped growing and receiving more and more users who see their fears of a reform dissipated by the ease of finding everything with just one click of management.

Currently, and after the success of the first application, Habitissimo developed another more focused on professionals, both of free download for the professional and the user and thus be able to simplify the waiting times to make a reform at home or office.

Habitissimo apps are available on iOS (and Android) for any user.

How does the Habitissimo app work?

As simple as saying what you need to do and ask for it. So, without more. In simplicity lies the key to success.

We only have to fill out a form indicating what task we want to perform, with our personal data and contact information and, in a short time, we will receive four proposals from different professionals close to us so that we can choose the one that best suits our requirements. Now you have to study each budget and that's it.

In addition, if we are professionals this app is also suitable for us . We can register as workers within a specific service, indicating which areas we can cover and wait for requests from interested persons to arrive. So, we will increase our customer base simply with the mobile phone.

Reform or die!

Do not wait any longer, the change you've been waiting for so long for your home or business is just around the corner, or better yet, a finger movement to enter the Habitissimo application.

Get inspired with the best furniture designs , the ideal layout for your living room, or your bedroom, let yourself be advised by the experts in gardening or discover how with just a few small touches you can get a new kitchen without getting involved in large scale works .

Everything is so close and so close that you will not believe it . An application designed by and for the restless users who want to always have each stay in trend and with the best decoration and distribution possible.

This app is available for download and use in the local markets of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and soon in Peru.

Register now and start building your dreams!

 Habitissimo para profesionales
Habitissimo para profesionales
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Habitissimo: Ideas DecoraciĆ³n

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