The BBC publishes some historical interviews with Steve Jobs -


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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The BBC publishes some historical interviews with Steve Jobs

Nobody doubts that Apple is a successful business model, much of it is due to the overwhelming personality of Steve Jobs, loved and hated perhaps in equal parts, although it is the example of self-made person and that He knew how to give a series of solutions to real-life problems.

The British BBC has made available to all some revealing videos of their generous multimedia files. We talked about a series of interviews, within a program that was called Micro Live - CMU 2 , dated January 1987, and in which you talk to the founder of Apple.

A Jobs that at that time was not in Apple
They are a series of brief interventions in a series of programs that were made for the British chain. In them, Jobs intervenes mainly talking about computing and something that has become very topical, the simulation programs and their creation , how they could be interesting in fields such as education. It should be remembered that the segment that Apple currently has in education is very well valued and more and more institutions are betting on it .

At that time, Steve Jobs had left Apple and was immersed in NeXT, which was a North American computer company and whose headquarters was in Redwood City, California. Mainly he dedicated himself to the development and manufacture of a series of work stations for education and the business world. Everyone knows what came next, back to Apple, development of home computers such as the iMac colors . The rest is already known, and you just have to see where the company is now.

We invite you to know this series of reports for its historical value, you can make inquiries from this site .

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