The curiosity of the entrance emoji and Apple, guess what that date is? -


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Friday, 6 July 2018

The curiosity of the entrance emoji and Apple, guess what that date is?

Apple leaves nothing to chance. Whether hardware or software, even the smallest detail is studied to the millimeter . We love telling this kind of stories and today we bring you a new one that you probably did not know.

Surely you know the history of the time of the iPhone. In all the official images of Apple of the iPhone or iPad appears the time 9:41 . Steve Jobs presented the original iPhone at 9:42, from that moment that was the chosen time to show on all official images.

However, in 2010 with the presentation of the iPad the time changed at 9:41 , an hour that has remained until today .

But this is not the only curiosity related to this date so characteristic, the emoji of the entrance also hides secrets .

The emoji at the entrance also has its history
The first thing to recognize is that it is a secret hard to find. The emoji at the entrance is very small and reading what it says is very difficult if we do not enlarge it. But no matter how small, the details are not lost on Apple.

As you can see, the time appears in the entry. The same time that appears on all the iPhone that we have already mentioned. But the entry also includes the date, JAN 09, that is January 9 . The date of the keynote in which the original iPhone was presented.

It is surprising to see how Apple is so thorough as to hide such secrets in something as small as an emoji . Without a doubt it is an example of the importance that Apple gives to the design with both software and devices.

We do not know if there are more secrets hidden within iOS, I hope we find many more and we can tell you. Although if you know any we would love to share it with us.

Did you know this secret?

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