The favorite app of the CEO of Twitter is installed on each iPhone and iPad -


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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The favorite app of the CEO of Twitter is installed on each iPhone and iPad

There are millions and millions of applications in the App Store, but curiously Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter and Square) especially likes an app that comes installed by default in iOS ...

We are talking, as it could not be otherwise, of the iOS 11 Notes application . Jack Dorsey recently published a tweet explaining why he loves the app to take notes from Apple:

Why does the Twitter CEO love Notes?
As indicated by Jack Dorsey in his tweet, he uses a lot of his day using the iOS Notes application . Use it to think about things, drafts, reminders and drawings.

Apparently, he also creates new notes for each person he meets to create lists of all the things he wants to talk about. He even takes notes on every city he visits.

Undoubtedly, this is something very curious, but it is not at all strange that the CEO of Twitter adore the iOS Notes application . And is that Apple has been implementing a lot of new features in its application of notes over the past years: text format, titles, task lists, online collaboration, images, videos, links with thumbnails, tables, drawings to hand raised and a long etcetera.

We totally agree with the CEO of Twitter. Notes is an absolutely essential application in our lives. And for you? What is your favorite iOS app?

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