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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The iPhone Dual SIM could be a reality this year

Many people have a second phone for work reasons. In this way, it manages to separate professional life from personal life. The problem with this is having to carry two mobiles all the time, which can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. At least, that's the way it was before the arrival of Dual SIM devices.

These devices allow inserting two SIM cards in the same terminal and make calls and messages from one number or another. Several weight manufacturers such as Samsung or LG have mobile phones with this feature in their catalog. However, Apple still has not been encouraged to present a Dual SIM smartphone, but this could change with the arrival of the new iPhone 2018.

Apple could include Dual SIM and Apple SIM on their iPhone 2018
It's a rumor that has been around the Internet for quite some time. However, it is gaining strength these months. All due to a leak that ensures that Apple will present several iPhone Dual SIM this 2018 .

In addition to the slot for two nano SIM cards it is believed that Apple, finally, would integrate support for the Apple SIM .

This card, which arrived in 2014, was presented together with the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G with the aim that customers could contract data plans with any operator. Therefore, it is a neutral SIM.

Was the Apple SIM a failure?

When the company introduced the iPad Pro, it did so with the Apple SIM built into the device. This virtual SIM or eSIM is nothing more than an internal chip that replaces the physical SIM . The problem was that many operators, including European, did not see it with good eyes .

Although it is a convenient method and which avoids problems of a physical SIM card, which had not reached the iPhone, it was destined for an uncertain future. But, now that it seems that it reaches the iPhone, it does not make us think anything else that the company was conducting tests .

The new iPhone, even more expensive than the previous ones
If the general opinion is that the iPhone X has an exorbitant price, the new models could overcome it . And it is that all the information of Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the analysts more recognized by his predictions on Apple, assure that the iPhone X of second generation and the iPhone X Plus could be more expensive by the Dual SIM and the Apple Sim.

It is not yet known how many smartphones will be presented, but it is thought that there will be three, the two previously mentioned and one of 6.1 inches with "economic" LCD screen .

And you, would you like an iPhone Dual SIM? Let us know in the comments.

Source | MovilZona

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