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Sunday, 1 July 2018

What to do if the keyboard on the Mac does not work correctly

One of the good things about Mac is its keyboard . And whether we want it or not, Apple currently has one of the most comfortable keyboards that exist, with little travel but comfortable, although it is not mechanical. However, it is quite simple to also change the keyboard and add a third-party one that in most cases is configured only.

However, the Apple keyboard or an external one that you configure may give you problems . Either because all the keys do not work correctly, or because it does not detect the keys in the correct order.

This is not a problem as serious as we might think at first. In fact, it is a problem that is easily solved as long as it has something to do with the software and the equipment hardware has not been damaged.

How to reconfigure a keyboard on Mac
These are the steps we must follow to restore the keyboard and keyboard settings on a Mac computer if it does not work as it should:

1. Open Terminal

2. Paste the following command: sudo rm /Library/Preferences/com.apple.keyboardtype.plist

3. Enter the password to apply the changes

4. Close Terminal

5. Restart the Mac without disconnecting the keyboard

OK, this is all we have to do to get the keyboard on the Mac working properly again. As you can see, the solution is very simple and it will not take long. Basically, what we have done is erase all keyboard preferences so that new ones are created without errors.

After restarting the Mac, a window will appear again to configure the keyboard . This window will ask us mainly to press the left SHIFT key and select the keyboard layout (ISO is appropriate).

After performing these steps, the keyboard will work correctly - or at least it should do so - if it still does not have to be either hardware itself or not compatible with the Mac (this is the case with the keyboards that they are not from Apple).

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