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Monday, 13 August 2018

Learn to write faster on your iPhone with these 7 great tricks

IPhones have become super pocket computers with which to perform any task. Throughout the day, we spent a lot of time typing on their screens , and although it seems immediate, we can learn to do it faster to save a few seconds.

If you want to know how to increase your productivity when you write on your iPhone, these 7 tricks can be of great help .

7 tricks to learn to write faster with your iPhone

On the native iOS keyboard there are some hidden features that can help us write faster.

Do you need to add a symbol? Press and hold the 123 button and select a symbol without releasing it. Automatically, the symbol will be added and it will bring you back to the standard keyboard.
By pressing the space bar twice we can quickly insert a point and a space at the end of a sentence.
We can also press the Shift button twice to write in capital letters, or hold down any character to bring more options of different languages.
Replacing text

This function allows a shortcut to be transformed, automatically, into a complete word or phrase . This trick can save us a very valuable time when we have to introduce long and complex sentences.

For example, shortcut we put "yellac". Then, when we write it, it will automatically change to "I'm already coming home". To install these types of custom shortcuts we have to go to General> Keyboard> Text Replacement . We press the "+" button in the upper right corner and add the ones we want.

Customize keyboard settings
The iOS keyboard has many options of autocorrection and predictive text . And although they are not always accurate and make funny mistakes, they can help us write faster in different types of moments.

We just have to go to Settings> General> Keyboards and select a keyboard. Then, make sure all the options are enabled.

One-hand keyboard

Some iPhone models, such as X or Plus, have a screen that is too large to write with one hand for some people. Some keys are out of reach and impossible to use.

To fix it, Apple has introduced the keyboard to one hand. The size is reduced so that it can be easily used with one hand. We can activate it in General> Keyboards> Keyboard in one hand . When it is active, we just have to hold down the globe button (or smiling emoji) to change it. We can choose that the orientation is to the left or the right, depending on the use.

Landscape keyboard

We are used to writing on the mobile in vertical orientation, but sometimes the keys can be very small . To solve it, we just have to turn the iPhone.

We have to make sure that the orientation is unlocked (through the Control Center). And, in versions prior to iOS 10, we have to press the keyboard icon in the lower right.

Install a third-party keyboard
For most, the iOS keyboard meets your needs and is more than enough. However, for some time now, Apple has been able to install keyboards from third-party developers. Some examples are Swiftkey and Google Gboard.

These alternative keyboards can be found in the App Store , and each has its own functions that can help us write faster. Just keep in mind that we download a keyboard from a reliable developer, since installing unknown software always has some risk.

Use the dictation of Siri
Actually, this function will not help us to write faster , but it can save us time if it is a long text just by transcribing our voice.

This feature is available on any relatively modern iOS device . Unless we have an iPhone 4 or an iPad 3rd generation or earlier, we can enjoy this Siri feature without having to install anything.

To do this, you have to press the microphone button on the keyboard to talk to Siri. Then, the digital assistant will automatically transcribe our words and punctuation for us. The underlined blue words can be edited or changed.

With these tricks, writing on iOS devices will be easier and faster than ever . Especially when we have to write urgent texts or we are in a hurry. And the best thing is that it is compatible with the vast majority of iPhone and iPad with recent software versions, so there is no excuse for not putting them into practice.

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