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Monday, 13 August 2018

Return the Palm, the oldest rival of the iPhone

Before the iPhone became the smartphone par excellence, there were other mobile phones capable of surfing the Internet and checking email. The two best known were the devices under the Blackberry and Palm brands.

Although Blackberry was, in general, better known in Spain than Palm (owned by HP), it also enjoyed good acceptance by the public, initially professional and then domestic. And, despite both have fallen into disgrace, the two are being resurrected from the Asian manufacturer TCL , with Android operating system included.

Palm comes back to life to cope? to the iPhone

The Blackberry smartphone with Android is not a novelty in the market. There have already been some models, such as PRIV, Motion and Key, which show that the brand has managed to reinvent itself while maintaining the business essence.

However, the return of Palm has been a surprise. It has been the New Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Wi-Fi Alliance that have revealed that a new smart mobile phone is on the way, and produced by TCL.

Filtered image of the new Palm smartphone

Already in tests, and beyond the code name of the terminal, "PVG100" (and its operating frequencies), the FCC does not provide many more details about the device, but the Wi-Fi Alliance does, confirming that the telephone In addition, although it will have Wi-Fi connection, it will only be able to operate on the 2.4GHz frequency, and not on the 5GHz frequency like most modern equipment, which suggests that the new Palm would be low-end

The Android Police , a few days ago, published some images about the supposed new Palm phone. Internally, it is known as Pepito , and would have a 3.3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 720p. Its processor would be the Snapdragon 435, accompanied by 3GB of RAM and internal storage of 32 GB, a figure that is not bad for a device with low features.

And it is precisely because it is a low range that it surprises that, like the last iPhone and other Android smartphones, it dispenses with the 3.5mm audio jack .

The battery would have a capacity of 800mAh , although it is still to be confirmed. Regarding the colors, it would be available in two colors: titanium and gold. There is still no release date or price.

The future of Palm is still uncertain
Although a TCL executive already warned that at some point in 2018 the Palm brand would return with at least one new device, little else was known. Some information suggests that it would be exclusive to the US operator Verizon .

The plans that TCL has for the return of Palm are unknown . They are unlikely to revive the brand completely and to develop a new family of devices, as they have done with Blackberry. Nevertheless, we will closely follow this resurrection.

via iDropNews

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