The hunter hunted: behind bars for practicing SIM-Hacking -


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Monday, 13 August 2018

The hunter hunted: behind bars for practicing SIM-Hacking

Maybe we have not seen it yet in our country, but in the North American state of Florida there has already been an arrest for a new type of hacking . This manages to steal the identity of the user through the SIM cards of mobile phones.

The method no longer only involves losing access to this card, it also manages to extort money from victims who made them pay a certain amount for recovering personal data. Many times there was also a threat of blackmail, so the extortionate ended up paying.

The cryptocurrencies were in between

In their eagerness to have more anonymity, the pirates laundered their money obtained illegally in cryptocurrencies, the amount of the scam reached more than $ 100,000. There have been 8 arrests, since it was a perfectly organized organization that operated in several states.

This form of extortion is relatively simple to practice by malicious staff and involves stealing the phone number of a card to finally reassign it to another different SIM. With this they could have access to victims' personal data, hijack their information or have access to online banking.

Worst of all, this organization acted in collusion with an employee of a well-known telephone company in the United States, and was responsible for assigning the information to the new SIM card. That is why it is always advisable to take extreme precautions to prevent our card from being pirated, controlling the applications we use. These pirates used weak accounts on Instagram, which has already promised to tighten their systems to avoid these facts.

Therefore, be careful to associate your phone number with any application , and if you do, try to provide a solid password at least. If you have doubts about how to create one, in this post we give you some recommendations.

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