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Thursday, 16 August 2018

With these original accessories for iPhone you will cause a sensation

From time to time you want to go through any online store to see if we find a case that motivates us, some accessories to photograph or what comes to mind. But put to it, why not look for something original really?

That is why we have saved you the work and we have set to work. The goal: hunting for the most original and curious gadgets you can find on the net and that are compatible with your iPhone.

The most original accessories for your iPhone
Hand warmer
It works in the same way as an external battery, in fact it fulfills that function, but with the peculiarity of being able to take advantage of the heat to warm your hands on those harsh days of winter. Its price does not reach 20 euros .

Cover with light for selfies
Did you miss our article on how to take a good selfie? Do not worry, this case has a built-in flash so you can get a good glow.

Ghost drum emoji
Nothing less than 8,800 mAh that has this battery , ideal for when you need power and you do not have a plug by hand. Enough of boredom, with this ghost of emojis is much more fun.

Headphone duplicator
Ideal for you and your partner can hear the same songs or find out everything that happens in a movie, each with their headphones. For very little money is possible.

Yes, having your photos on paper is possible thanks to this mini-sized printer . You already know that Kodak is synonymous with quality. Ideal to party and have your friends take copies of the best moments.

Cable protector
The typical nonsense that we all want to have, you can choose between many models and your office compis will want one yes or yes. For very little is yours .

What do you think? Surely you have already infatuated somebody.

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