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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

4 reasons to buy the iPhone XS Max and not the iPhone XS

Apple has built the largest iPhone it has ever made. A good OLED screen of 6.5 inches diagonally and that looks spectacular in the hand. All a statement of intentions that, in the words of Tim Cook, is the best iPone in history. Again.

After the good feelings left by his presentation, which took much of the time of the same, and with a cracking price but justified to my understanding, this iPhone promises to give users a complete experience. If you are hesitating between the iPhone XS and the latter larger, it is best to read this article.

4 reasons to buy the iPhone XS Max and not the iPhone XS

Money is not a problem
No, we have no one left over and we know that it costs a lot to earn it. But to choose, there is only 100 euros difference between the model of 64 GB of 5.8 inches and its equivalent of 6.5 inches. Nothing less than 0.7 inches difference. They are 1.78 inches more. The benefits are the same, there is not an extra RAM as with the Plus models, you have the same model and larger.

And I return to the issue of money, someone who has a budget to buy a device of that draft, I do not think it will take into account if you spend 100 euros or so. It is less than 10 percent of the total value of the device , something that could be considered negligible. If in addition to it you buy it by operator, where the rebate can be of that amount in total, I will not hesitate: Big iPhone, walk or not walk. And we already know that this one goes with a heart of 7 nanometers.

Productivity and leisure: they are the ones that win

With this I come to refer to the advantages of having a screen of that caliber. It is true that there are people who do not want large screens, either for comfort, usability or aesthetic issues. Of what there is no doubt is the advantages that having a generous panel provides. It's not like playing Fortnite or writing a note with that splendid screen.

We are many who take advantage of any free time to advance work. Many times these same articles that you read are sketched on my iPhone. If I put myself in the role of a person who needs to take advantage of trips by metro or train, it would be very clear: 6.5 inches better than 5.8. And especially if your hands are big!

Also think about that long train trip, it is much better to enjoy a movie or watch YouTube videos with greater enjoyment for the eyes.

Horizontal mode, the advantage
We already know that by putting any iPhone in landscape mode we gain in comfort and even in new functions. The screen gains a lot and is easier to manage, so much that writing is very comfortable. For that same reason, here is the premise of how much bigger better. Almost almost stays, saving the distance, like a small iPad.

The horizontal mode is a success, and we already announced it last July . So this reason is totally weight for those who are looking for more comfort.

Although we do not know about the battery ...
What is clear is that it will be the largest, and therefore, the largest capacity. If we add that its efficient processor means that energy consumption is lower, we already have the perfect cocktail. A durability that will give to pass the day without inconveniences.

Although what seems clear is that who is won in this regard is the iPhone XR, although we must wait until the end of October to have the first reliable evidence. Of course, the battery of the iPhone XS Max promises and will exceed, hopefully, the 3,000 mAh capacity.

This Friday with us
In 4 days it will be available in the Apple Store, and users who have ordered it online will receive their orders . We will have the first impressions , although the XS series is a great bet, we will begin to see the first comparative videos with other flagships. And it will be when they start to bloom the saddest videos to watch, those of the endurance tests of these iPhone to liquids, fire, shots or falls.

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