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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Apple could not present any iPad in its keynote

It's been a crazy morning, there have been a series of leaks from the official website of Apple and we already know many details about the new products that the company will present during its keynote this afternoon.

First, Apple will present an iPhone Xr, an iPhone Xs and an iPhone Xs Max in white, black, red, blue, yellow and coral . Secondly, the size of the new Apple Watch Series 4, in 40mm and 44mm versions, has been detailed.

But there is an equally important thing in this filtration, and that is that the name of any new iPad Pro among the filtered links has not appeared. This could mean that Apple does not present an iPad in its keynote.

Steve Troughton-Smith

 · 3h
 Not only do we know the product names from that sitemap, but all the available variants, sizes and colors. That's a lot of iPhone Xr's!

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Steve Troughton-Smith

Very clearly, from the two sitemap XML files, there is no iPad Pro refresh today. Only iPhones, Apple Watch, and some new Watch bands. AirPower is not listed, but perhaps accessories are different…

16:51 - 12 sept. 2018
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You may have to wait for the launch of the new iPad

As we have anticipated in some other occasion, it is very likely that we have to wait one more month for Apple to hold another event in October where it will present its new iPad Pro models . Anyway, the new tablet next-gen of the company of the bitten apple will arrive with a totally renewed design; without start button, with very low side bevels and a facial recognition system.

Obviously, the new dimensions of Apple's tablets would give way to new accessories such as keyboards and cases . Some accessories that have not been mentioned in the leaks. We will see if finally Apple presents its new iPad line or we have to wait until October.

Via | 9to5mac

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