Do not miss the first unboxing of the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS -


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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Do not miss the first unboxing of the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS

Although the first shipments of the new iPhone have not yet reached their destinations, there is already posted on YouTube a video where we can see the complete process of an unboxing of it. Do not miss our article to know all the details of the video.

How could it be otherwise, it is the famous youtuber Marques Brownlee , usual in these matters, and that in his channel has proceeded to show us the process, both an iPhone XS Max and his younger brother, only in size and not in features, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS.

So are the new iPhone XS

In addition to that, it is confirmed that the charger is still the 5 watt, it was even speculated that it could bring a few more chord to facilitate fast charging. In addition to this there is no adapter for the headphones. Apple thus shelves one of its best-selling accessories , by not including it in the box. If you want it, now you must pay for it or take advantage of your previous device.

There are now 4 days left for the rest of the mortals to begin receiving the orders, which are now in transit, and therefore, we can see more videos of this type. Also, and perhaps the most interesting, will be to see the comparisons between these iPhone and other earlier, or Android devices that are hitting hard, such as the so-called Pocophone F1, or the new batch of Samsung, with its Galaxy Note9.

These videos have confirmed several interesting aspects. First, they are devices that look great at hand, exquisite taste, and impressive shots. Its spectacular OLED screen has an unseen resolution , and the polished glass back is a wonder. Obviously the aesthetic is similar to that of the X series last year.

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