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Monday, 24 September 2018

FaceTime has a serious problem with the arrival of iOS 12

Apple has added a lot of improvements to its FaceTime application on iPhone and iPad. New augmented reality features have been introduced, allowing users to replace their faces with the new Memojis directly in video calls. But other improvements and changes in the user interface have also been included.

Unfortunately, not all the improvements in this great update of iOS 12 have gone well with the FaceTime platform ...

For example, group video calls of up to 32 participants were removed in the seventh beta version of iOS 12, and did not arrive with the official release of Apple's latest mobile software. The company announced that this feature would return, in fact it is already available in the iOS 12.1 beta .

But this is not the only change that has ruined FaceTime . The video call application has an even bigger problem ...

What is the big problem of FaceTime?

In previous versions of FaceTime, the button to change the camera (from the front camera to the rear camera and vice versa) was located right next to the red circular button to end the video calls . It was simple, intuitive and efficient. What's more, the camera could also be changed from the thumbnail window of your video.

But now, with the arrival of iOS 12, Apple has changed this method to change the camera. The button has disappeared from the main screen of FaceTime video calls, and to access its new location you have to press the menu button and select the option to change camera , a convoluted and pointless method that by the way completely covers our vision of the video call (see image below).

Other negative points of this problem

The new method to change the camera is slow and inefficient.
When you change the camera, there is a slight pause in the video call's retransmission.
The news (the effects button and Animojis) leave aside the most basic and useful functions.
Via | iDropNews

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