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Sunday, 23 September 2018

How to clean the Lightning port of your iPhone

The charging port of our iPhone is one of the most reliable that exists, perhaps for that reason it has been with us for so long, although we do not know how long it will last . But, like everything in this life, it is not infallible and dirt is one of its main enemies .

In the pockets can accumulate a lot of dirt that can enter the charging port of our iPhone. If you have noticed that the iPhone has problems when charging or the cable does not fit well enough into the Lightning port, cleaning is the most appropriate.

It's that easy to clean the Lightning port

It is a small and delicate port, inside we have several metal connectors that should not be damaged, so these solutions are the most suitable for cleaning.


It is a very simple solution, but perhaps something dangerous for the Lightning port if we are not careful , we must do it with caution. A normal tooth stick can work, but perhaps with the interdental brushes we get a better result.

Carefully insert the toothpick into the port , keep in mind that the metal connectors are on the bottom, so try not to make much force at that point and drag dirt to the outside.

Compressed air

Compressed air is a less dangerous option since we will not touch the Lightning port . Normally no one has a compressed air gun at home, so a good solution can be compressed air sprays like this one .

Ideally, use it fairly close to the port, but not too close. Then we spray the air in short bursts . After these bursts of air we check if the port works correctly again, otherwise we repeat in process.

Apple Store

We leave for the end the best solution of all, although perhaps not available to everyone. If you have an Apple Store nearby, they will clean the Lightning port without problems .

In Apple stores have professional tools that perform the vacuum, so your port will be as good as new. Normally in Apple stores this is usually done for free if you tell them that the port is working badly.

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